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Magic 2011 – Confirm some excellent reissues

Posted on: July 22, 2010

We are still in the early spoilers Magic 2011 (next base set of Magic The Gathering), but apparently within “reprints” will find some very interesting surprises …

In fact, no “restraint”, Wizards of the Coast posted in 2011 some Magic cards very strong (and much used) as the Baneslayer Angel, Lightning Bolt and Fireball which, together with the first reissue confirmed (the Birds of Paradise), can give us an idea of the decks that we find in Q2 of next season. Needless to say, many players would never have thought that the Baneslayer Angel (angel strong 4 / 5 Magic 2010 that did so much shaking players of all sizes limited) was reprinted so soon and, above all, never thought he would repetition exactly one year after its “creation”. But this can only give pleasure to all holders of that creature in “quotes” MTG, came to cost more than 50 € per piece! Also interesting is the revival of the land “double” Magic 2010 even if, after one year, these have not been widely used in various formats.

Hoping to see some other printed paper so strong, confident expecting some good news that the Wizards, it seems, is making a mark “heavy” to this new base set.


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