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Baby Magic Baby Twins, twin dolls new

Posted on: January 19, 2013

We all know that is not Cicciobello plus ultra for the girls who love to play the mother, the frontier of the game but moves slightly further forward in the real world with the arrival of Baby Magic Baby twins dolls Twins. A scent of lavender and the scent of talcum powder, are almost identical, but like many twins, are dressed in different colors; also why are-probably-a boy and a girl and each wearing a bathrobe dolls inspired by animals, the frog and the paperetta and in addition there are shorts with built-in leg to fit snug.

Included also the toilet case for making the toilet to the two babies, the shower gel and lotion for the skin to play bath at two really cute baby. The game has just been released and is one of the novelties for sale at Toys R us at about $ 13. If you want to continue the game, in this page you will find the double buggy twin dolls.


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