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Gifts for teenagers at Christmas 2012, new Very Nice

Posted on: March 5, 2013

On tricks to teenagers there are important news for Christmas 2012, make-up by Princess dresses for women with Very Beautiful gifts produced by Giochi Preziosi. The offer to become a makeup artist is rich and articulated tube depending on fashion trends, for example Very Pad is the set of make uo tablet-shaped; contains ten eyeshadows, blush, five five lip gloss, a mirror, four applicators and beauty card with beauty tips (price 24.90 €). Very Phone is shaped like smart-phones, contains eight lip gloss, eye shadow, blush and ten mirror, besides the covers for the phone and the card (price: 10.90 €); While the deluxe version contains two extra-cover with interchangeable clips and stickers (price € 15.90).
Nail Art Book is an album of 20 sheets to decorate your nails; the package includes two glazes, four colors, glitter, glue and everything for decorations (price € 14.90). Twenty Album also leaves for make-up Book, with tips for face makeup, eyeshadows, nine three colors for cheeks, four lip gloss, two pencils and two applicators (€ 14.90); Tattoo Book contains twelve colours for tattoos, temporary tattoos and two stencil brush (price € 14.90). Finally, the Very Beautiful Very Dark line includes lip gloss, Nail Polish and hair accessories and colors with the logo of the cute skulls.



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