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Lego: minifigure of the London Olympics 2012

Posted on: March 28, 2013

The Lego minifigures make us company in every situation. This year there will also be at the London Olympics to be held in the British capital from 27 July to 12 August. To represent the Olympic team of the United Kingdom, Lego produces nine athletes from various disciplines who will defend the colors of Queen Elizabeth. Unfortunately, the pieces will be available from July 1 only in the United Kingdom (where the lego figures are among the best-selling toys) at several chain stores of toys as Toys R Us


I hope you reconsider and ensure that they are also on sale online. Sports fans but also the little yellow collectors do not let them escape: maybe at gare able be there to follow athletes live, and do a jump in stores.


Each figure represents one kind of sports, from boxing to tennis, weightlifting. Every man with medals and accessories £1,99 coast. If you want to discover the pieces individually visit Flickr: see yellow athletes with adrenalin to mille, in position, ready to race. We can put them in the same pose shown in photos?



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